Why you should start selling at DuoPolin

DuoPolin is one of the emerging and most trusted multi vendor and multi seller e-commerce portal . With the increase of internet users in the market, the people have developed the tendency of visiting the e-commerce websites and started buying and selling products online.

User friendly Product Page design:

So DuoPolin has been designed in a way to make life easier, warmer and much more smarter. It is also considered as one of the low cost eCommerce portal based in New Delhi. It helps sellers use a single platform to ship their orders, and manage the marketplace and advertise their products. As a result of which the sellers can see a considerable spike up of their products get selling on DuoPolin within a short span of time.

Social Media Focus for better visibility and reach of your products:

DuoPolin is a complete eCommerce solution that helps the sellers increase their brand value. The portal provides freedom to the sellers by allowing them to use their own language and pictures and to directly communicate with their customers. Once a vendor updates their products at the website then the products get automatically lined up at Facebook for display. Therefore, this feature can provide vendors to have more digital popularity of their on social media without much further publicity. So that buyers can get to know about these products at social media also.

Buyer Friendly Online Store:

DuoPolin allows vendors’ products to be perfectly displayed on its online store. Therefore, the vendors gets the flexibility to grow their business. With a cooperative team of professional developers DuoPolin has been able to give their full support to those vendors. With a beautifully designed ecommerce website the customers also gets the opportunity to use a payment gateway free for their online transactions in their websites.

DuoPolin Your Faithful Online Store:

DuoPolin takes the privacy policies very seriously. Each and every transaction is highly protected and safe. The vendors can refrain themselves from guarding the store against fraudsters as the tech support team is always at their service. It has the characteristic of being easily up gradable with the latest technologies. Duoplin works on maintaining its quality assurance and keeps an eye on the latest e-commerce trends.

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