Why should you select DuoPolin as your selling platform?

Duopolin is one of the largest global multi vendor and multi seller e commerce portal. In the present day,when every person is pacing with the use of new technology and online media they always opt for performing their household and other business at the most possible through online.

Lowest marketplace fee:

Duopolin is one of the online original marketplace leader which is cheaper as in comparison. It provides a secured online platform where the sellers can sell their products through online giving good profit margins.

More Brand visibility:

Duopolin is such an e-commerce platform where the brand value is given the utmost importance. It provides the sellers overall support on SEO,SMO,PPC and Social media marketing to increase their brand visibility. Dupolin helps them organizes various referral programs too.

Free listing:

Duopolin helps the vendors to boost the online presence of their brands and increase the traffic through various sources. It also runs various SEO campaigns.

Whatsapp seller support:

In the present day people use whats App instead of text message in their daily conversations. So Duopolin uses exclusive marketing strategies in this tool. Payment orders can be received via this tool. Multiple payment links for multiple products are created so that it can be shared in whatsapp to a large section of customers.

Easy payments using UPI and net banking:

Payment through digital medium has made life easier and smoother with massive developments. Duopolin helps the sellers with the benefit of getting huge sum of money in a short span of time using UPI and net banking process which are purely secured. Since consumers opt for using quicker and easier ways of payment method,Duopolin provides it to the sellers with high security settings.

Low start up cost:

Duopolin offers vendors to set their online store at a very reasonable and affordable price. It helps the vendors start their business in a platform which can be easily operated. It also gives a good reputation to their brand and helps multiplying their revenues in a short duration of time.

24 hours business opportunities:

Duopolin makes sure that the team works round the clock so that the sellers gets the benefit of their website being online. This helps the sellers retain the traffic or visitors of the store. The updates of Duopolin are automatic so that the latest features are received very fast without any hassle.

Manage from the comfort of home:

Duopolin is portal designed in a way where the sellers can manage every store on his own from home.

Make information available:

Duopolin helps sellers learn more about their customers and how frequently they shop.All the information is made available for them.While refunding an order to the customers the inventories are updated automatically.All the customers can be traced through many ways like checking their location and purchase history.

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